South Africa currently produces around 50% of the world's total mohair clip. Mohair is a natural fibre ( a type of hair) which is shorn from the Angora goat twice a year.

The South African Mohair Industry realizes the responsibility that goes with being the most reliable source of quality mohair and also the pivotal role that the industry needs to play in ensuring a meaningful contribution to Agricultural Development. This was expressed by the formation of the Mohair Empowerment Trust in March 2010 to promote Black Economic Empowerment within the Mohair Industry.

The main business activity of the Trust is aimed at ensuring that historically disadvantaged farmers are empowered and may gain access to the benefits offered by the industry. The Trust seeks to ensure that a well capacitated pool of emerging farmers graduate to commercial Angora goat farming, thereby accelerating the entrance of black entrepreneurs into the industry.




Contact Information
Mr. Bongani Ndhlovu
072 621 7336
041 487 1386
041 487 1336
Donors Required - Agricultural Land

One of the reasons behind the formation of the Mohair Empowerment Trust is to acquire land that can be used for the training of BEE farmers and also to lease it to farmers with Angora goat farming knowledge at reasonable farm rental rates.

Accordingly the Mohair Empowerment Trust is looking for possible Donors, willing to supply funds and/or land, that can be used to achieve this objective.

Donors who are willing to assist please contact the Development Officer, Mr Bongani Ndhlovu for more details.

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